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Starlight Chalet & Health Spa:

Spa in the Blue Mountains—a haven of serenity.

Silver Hill Gap, St. Andrew Jamaica

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About Us

Established in 1998 by Kensworth and Rachael Nairne, Starlight Chalet & Health Spa was born out of a deep passion for sharing the beauty of the Blue Mountains with the world. What started as a single cottage for passers-by has blossomed into a premier destination offering first-class accommodations and services.

Starlight Chalet & Health Spa

Life is getting busier day by day due to urbanization and people hardly get any time to spend quality time with their family members. To compensate for this hustle and bustle, many prefer to escape to rich eco areas and spend some mindful time away from work pressure and polluted cities to explore the exotic nature in undisturbed natural areas. Eco-tourism has become an important socio-economic activity globally and has become an opportunity to experience a strong relationship between man & nature. Ecotourism has been described as “Tourism involves traveling to relatively undisturbed natural areas with specified object of studying, admiring and enjoying exotic nature and animals, as well as existing cultural aspects (both of the past and present) found in these areas.”

Starlight Chalet

Discover unparalleled beauty and tranquility at our boutique hotel. Nestled in the serene Blue Mountain range, our warm and inviting atmosphere guarantees an unforgettable experience.Indulge in opulence and Jamaican charm in our meticulously designed spaces. With breathtaking views of the Blue Mountains, our accommodations blend modern comfort with natural splendor. From private balconies to spa-inspired bathrooms, every detail ensures your utmost comfort.Unforgettable moments await you at Starlight Chalet & Health Spa. Immerse yourself in nature with bird-watching tours, explore the wonders of the Blue Mountain range, or pamper yourself with rejuvenating spa treatments. Our dedicated team provides personalized service, catering to your every need.Escape to Starlight Chalet & Health Spa and let the beauty of the Blue Mountains captivate your senses. Book your stay today for relaxation, adventure,
and pure luxury.


Starlight Chalet
& Health Spa

Starlight Chalet & Health Spa mission is to embody excellence and outstanding hospitality through comfortable accommodations as well as wellness products and services to rest, heal, relax and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. At the Chalet, we combine tradition, discovery, individuality and a twist of the unexpected, to create the perfect stay for each guest that ensures a pleasant and memorable experience.

Starlight Chalet & Health Spa

We’re committed to sustainability and responsible tourism, preserving Jamaica’s natural beauty for future generations. Our comprehensive program includes energy-efficient practices and support for local communities. By staying with us, you contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.Our facilities are available 24/7 for your convenience. For easy booking, reach out to our dedicated concierge team or visit our website.Check-in: 3 pm (local time)Check-out: 11 am

A refreshing change from the typical tourist vacation

I found this property online and called and made reservations for 4/26/08. It was a surprise for my fiance’s birthday. In the Blue Mountains, it was breathtaking, peaceful and off the beaten path. The Lily Suite was great and had a private balcony. Ms. Icodell was charming and accomodated our requests. The food was off the chain ( we had traditional jamaican cuisine ). Toured the grounds and just took in the breathtaking cloud covered mountainside and gardens. It gets cool at night and first thing in the morning…but I was prepared. Recommend Starlight Chalet for couples who just want to get away for a weekend in a secluded hideaway tucked far up in the Blue Mountains.”



“We just returned from2 days at Starlight Chalet, a little piece of heaven on earth.
Can you say location,location,location? This charming place is located 5000 feet up in the Blue Mountains. Getting there is no easy feat. The road going up the mountain is not for the faint of heart, but once you reach there, the WOW factor is in operation. The chalet itself is clean and comfortable. It could use some updating and some re decoration, but when the clouds lift and you see the mountains that are surrounding you and the lovely garden, you forget about everything. The peace and tranquility cannot be explained. You must experience it. The staff , especially Miss Icodel, are warm and friendly and make you feel right at home. We loved our 2 days there and hope some day we can go back.”

– barcann 

The road from hell.....

Leads to a little bit of heaven!!! And lest you ever doubted it, God is a woman and her name is Miss Amy. Starlight Chalet is Amy’s domain and she is determined you will have every need catered for. Now you should believe all the other reviews about the road..and then some. Jamaican road crews (three men, two shovels and a wheelbarrow) are still rebuilding major slippages and only hardy drivers should attempt the climb. Press on, it will be worth it. Lunch at the Gap Cafe is a must. The worst is behind you. And then there is Amy…you want food?? When?? What you want? Chicken, beef, pork, fish…how do you want it cooked? Are you kidding?? This woman offers totally personal service like no luxury hotel in the world does. And it’s cheap, cool and sssooooooooooooo restful up here when the clouds come down and shut the place in from the rest of the world. Now there was no hot water for a while and the rooms are at best functional. There’s no entertainment and two nights kind of maxes you out. Only the young and fit can sightsee from here and the road back down haunts you. But for a truly unique experience you can’t beat this place. Tell Amy we said “hi”. It was wonderful up there amongst the world famous coffee plants. If you are driving…pick up a local hitchiker and the road won’t seem so bad, mon.

– larach